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Business Operations Support System

The Business Operations Support System (BOSS) aims at providing practical information to those actively contributing to the development of deliverables within the company eco-system. It clearly describes processes and gives access to instructions and guidance for all marketing and operations personnel within the company.

The system is custom built using the latest development technologies making it a modular system that we can plugin and operate other systems through it such as MMS and E-Commerce platforms creating a seamless integration of all systems using a single operating system.

A B.O.S.S. system functions as a marketing and operations hub with tools to manage admins, users, merchants, payment methods, bulk stock, and order management on a top level.

E-Commerce Systems

E-Commerce Solutions Built from The Ground Up

We specialize in building fully customizable modular e-commerce systems using major development languages such as PHP and .NET frameworks. The e-commerce solution can be integrated with B.O.S.S. system and act as a front-end where all customer-related functions occur.

An e-commerce solution will be primarily responsible for as an online shop where customers can view products, place orders, pay online and receive invoices and receipts as well as shipping updates and informations.


Merchant Management Systems

We develop tailored merchant management systems as a module that is integrated with B.O.S.S. to streamline merchant onboarding and management. This system facilitates the onboarding process of merchants whether it’s automatic or manual with authorization requests.

Once the merchant is activated on the system, they will have access to various tools including but not limited to: Merchant information update, product management, bundle management, price and shipping management on a product level, payment gateway integration, and a complete email and financial management system for communications and tax filing.

Custom Websites

Whether it's internal, informative, or e-commerce. We have it covered!

Having a combined team and company website portfolio holding 100’s of websites, we are industry leaders in providing all kinds of website solutions whether it’s an internal website, a simple informative website, an e-commerce website integrated with all systems in place, or native web app, Wootajer can build your solution from the ground up using global standard technologies tailored for the business.

We also provide physical and virtual server solutions to host systems and online platforms accommodating the needs of the business and keeping in mind the security and integrity of the servers with rollback security against attacks and hacks.

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